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A new year. A new kind of San Francisco experience.
KenwoodX Wins Two Gold 2015 CINDY Awards for EMC & Castlight Health
Kenwood Creates Puzzle & Dragons TV Spot for GungHo America
Mysterious Deus Ex Posters Cause a Stir
Kenwood & Square Enix Win “Best Trade Show Booth” at BizBash Event Style Awards
Kenwood Wins Gold ExAward
Our Manifesto
Re-imagining the Customer Experience
10 Helpful hints to a successful re-branding.

KenwoodX Wins Two Gold 2015 CINDY Awards for EMC & Castlight Health

KenwoodX continues to reel in awards for our work over the past year. Our latest trophies include two 2015 Gold Cinema in Industry (aka CINDY) awards for videos we created in partnership with EMC and Castlight Health.

The CINDY awards honor theatrical, broadcast, non-broadcast and interactive media professionals around the globe and a GOLD designation is the highest possible award.



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Mysterious Deus Ex Posters Cause a Stir

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the latest release in the Deus Ex video game series from publisher Square Enix. They wanted a guerrilla marketing campaign for the new release to fire up the game’s audience and create social buzz.



We wanted to bring the world of Deus Ex to life in a way that would intrigue gamers by leveraging a key plot line in the game. The government has relegated the population of people with augmentations (Augs)  into ghettos, claiming they are a danger to the rest of society.


Posters evolved over time as warring factions battled over propaganda.

Posters evolved over time as warring factions battled over propaganda.


Playing to this, Kenwood created “propaganda” posters that were posted, guerrilla style, around San Francisco, New York, L.A. and Montreal. They featured Norman-Rockwell-inspired visions of childhood innocence being threatened by Augs. After a few weeks run, these were hit with graffiti, apparently from the Augs, asserting their humanity.













As soon as the work was released, bloggers and discussion boards lit up with reports of sightings, discussions about the meaning of the content, and speculation about what they would find in the upcoming release. We delivered more than double the amount of impressions that the client had hoped to receive.

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Kenwood & Square Enix Win “Best Trade Show Booth” at BizBash Event Style Awards

We are excited to announce that Kenwood Experiences and client Square Enix have been named “Best Trade Show Booth” in the BizBash Event Style Awards competition for Square Enix’s booth at E3.  BizBash is one of the event industry’s top publications and the competition this year was fierce.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Square Enix for many years on their exhibit at E3 in Los Angeles. Each summer, E3 brings together 48,000+ video game industry pros and press for sneak peeks of new game releases and technology.  In addition to thousands of live booth visitors, 18,000 viewers tuned in for live streams from the Square Enix exhibit on the YouTube channel Square Enix Presents.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the booth experience in the video below.

1 Booth with PLAY




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Kenwood Wins Gold ExAward

Kenwood ExAward Nomination

We are thrilled to see our team’s hard work recognized by Event Marketer’s prestigious Ex-Awards.

The Ex Awards is the world’s largest recognition program for experiential marketing—more than 1,000 entries come in from around the world each year. The 2015 Call for Entries shattered all entry records.

Our event, JiveWorld 2014, won a Gold ExAward.


The ExAwards brought together top thought leaders, influencers & users for 3 days of knowledge sharing & networking at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Click here to check out some photos from JiveWorld 2014.

Following a two-week judging by several dozen brand-side marketers, the editors of Event Marketer magazine presented these 2015 Ex Awards finalists. Winners will be announced live at the biggest Ex Awards gala ever produced on May 11 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco.

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Our Manifesto

This is the Kenwood Experiences Manifesto.


We believe that much like nature itself, marketing principles constantly evolve. Once upon a time we spoke and customers listened. We produced an event, customers attended. But customers are no longer passive… and neither are we.

We believe a brand is nothing more than the understood personality of a company and its products. People have relationships with brands, much like people. And just like people, the actions of a brand count for a whole lot more than the words spoken. After all, with action there’s interaction and there’s connection. That’s our goal, connection. We dig deep for meaningful insights fueled by an insatiable curiosity. We work tirelessly to craft experiences that drive that authentic connection. These deepened customer relationships lead to loyalty. And loyal customers are critical to business success. It’s pretty simple, actually.

So, we don’t do Super Bowl commercials, but we’d be glad to create a Super Bowl experience. We don’t just do events, but we’ll be thrilled to architect a 360º experience in its place. We don’t yell at customers but we may very well create a platform for them to yell at each other. We create marketing things of value. Marketing things that connect customer to brand and customer to customer. Marketing things that people remember because they matter. At Kenwood Experiences, we make work that works.



Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Today’s consumer is more discerning and demanding than ever, and today’s  best companies are reacting by creating a more immersive and rewarding brand experience. What are the keys to customer-centricity? Find out here!

The Brand Experience Diagram[8]

For several years now, a remarkable number of companies have been reciting a particular mantra around which they’d like to define the core ethos and pledge of their brands – “customer-centric.” Some go so far as to promise to “put the customer at the center” of their organization.

As a consequence of this generation’s technology revolution, true customer-centricity is more attainable than ever.

To become customer-centric requires a considerable departure from brand behavior of yesteryear. Silo’s have to be broken down, new communication channels must be embraced and integrated into the whole, traditional communication channels must be reevaluated, real-time customer behavioral data must replace traditional demographic data, insights must flow freely throughout the organization to allow for iterative optimization of communications, and consumers must be allowed – at least in part – to determine their own ideal relationship with a brand.

Buzzwords like “personalization”, “loyalty” and “omni-channel marketing” have been regurgitated ad nauseum of late, but really they all allude to the same principle: customer-centricity.

The diagram below presents our agency’s depiction of the key elements and relationships necessary to achieve customer-centricity. Here’s how it works:

  • Your Brand must always stay true to its core ethos, but must rely on comprehensive consumer insights to adapt and evolve as necessary, in order to provide consumers with the experience and relationship they desire.
  • Your Consumers must be approached as people with nuanced wants, needs and expectations rather than generic and archaic demographics that don’t begin to define whom they are or how they should be engaged. Consumer identification, segmentation and engagement should be rooted in actual behavioral patterns, motivational triggers, propensities and psychological wants and needs. Only this level of precision allows for contextually relevant experiences and relationships.
  • The Brand Experience Ecosystem must be constructed as holistically as possible, rather than the traditional approach of fragmented and disconnected brand communications. This begins with a clearly defined strategy that has the courage to be executed agnostically. The lines are forever blurred between online and offline, retail and social, content and conversation; and thus it no longer makes sense to plan or strategize in silos. Quite the contrary – to be effective, brands must allow consumers to engage through the channels, experiences, frequencies and sequences they desire, and must focus just as much on pulling insights out of every interaction as they do creating or facilitating the interaction in the first place.
  • Consumer Insights must become the centerpiece of a brand’s engagement strategy, and thus a much greater level of urgency and resources must be allocated to compile and make sense of the seemingly limitless amount of data that swirls within and around any organization. In today’s digital age, almost every activity we undertake leaves a digital footprint, which provides an invaluable glimpse into what we really want in our brand relationships. Aggregating and analyzing this data allows companies to optimize the brand experience ecosystem, more accurately segment and engage consumers, and evolve the role the brand plays in consumers’ lives. But none of this is possible unless and until brand silo’s are eliminated, channels are integrated and insights flow throughout the organization.
  • Critical Business Results must be the end goal of every interaction. Marketing and advertising are a vital means to an end, but that end must be clearly defined and communicated. And in the post-digital era, to achieve business results, brands must provide a discernible value proposition to consumers, beyond the value of a product or service itself. Quid pro quo and mutual value exchange are paramount, and in order to provide consumers with an experience that is personally rewarding, insights are essential.

Customer-centricity provides consumers with their ideal brand experience while also maximizing business results for the brand. A relevant and rewarding experience drives loyalty and evangelism, and in the era of peer influencer, this has the added impact of further amplifying a brand’s message exponentially through social media. Customer-centricity is a significant departure from traditional brand behavior, but its impact cannot be underestimated. In fact, I would argue that the most successful brands of tomorrow will not rise because of what they sell, but rather because of their ability put the customer at the center of their organization.

10 Helpful hints to a successful re-branding.

Well, we have finally emerged from a year long rebranding effort and we have all survived. (Please check out the results at kenwoodx.com.) Like most laborious efforts, there are lessons hidden within. To make your future rebranding as smooth as humanly possible for you and your company we have put together 10 guiding thoughts that will hopefully pave your rebranding road ahead. If we’ve missed anything, or you’d like to invite healthy debate, please leave a comment and we’d be glad to chat.

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